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IOCamlJS Demos

Compiling a new kernel

iocamljs-kernel.0.4.6 now builds using a tool from js_of_ocaml called jsoo_mktop. Additionally the package installs a library which allows custom iocamljs top levels to be built.

The jsoo_mktop program (version 2.4.1) takes the following arguments

Usage: jsoo_mktop [options] [ocamlfind arguments] 
 -verbose			Output intermediate commands
 -help				Display usage
 -top-syntax [pkg]		Include syntax extension provided by [pkg] findlib package
 -top-syntax-mod [mod]		Include syntax extension provided by the module [mod]
 -o [name]			Set output filename
 -jsopt [opt]			Pass [opt] option to js_of_ocaml compiler
 -export-package [pkg]		Compile toplevel with [pkg] package loaded
 -export-unit [unit]		Export [unit]
 -dont-export-unit [unit]	Dont export [unit]

The following invocation will build a basic iocaml toplevel

$ jsoo_mktop -dont-export-unit gc -export-package iocamljs-kernel \
    -jsopt +weak.js -jsopt +toplevel.js -o iocaml.byte

This will create a few files named *.cmis.js and iocaml.js. These need to be packed together with kernel.js to create the final iocamljs kernel.

$ cat *.cmis.js \
  `opam config var lib`/iocamljs-kernel/kernel.js iocaml.js > \
  `opam config var share`/iocamljs-kernel/profile/static/services/kernels/js/kernel.min.js

To include other packages add more -export-package declarations. You may need to manually export some extra modules with -export-unit (this requires a bit of trial and error - load the kernel, watch the messages in the browser console and see whats missing).

Syntax extensions can also be added with -top-syntax.

A more complex example with js_of_ocaml, lwt, syntax extensions and uuidm.

$ jsoo_mktop -dont-export-unit gc \
  -top-syntax lwt.syntax \
  -top-syntax js_of_ocaml.syntax \
  -export-package lwt \
  -export-package js_of_ocaml \
  -export-package uuidm \
  -export-package iocamljs-kernel \
  -jsopt +weak.js -jsopt +toplevel.js -o iocaml.byte