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IOCamlJS Demos

Adding a demo notebook

Fork IOCamlJS and switch to the gh-pages branch.

Create the new notebook in the notebooks subdirectory.

$ iocaml -js min notebooks/my_demo.ipynb -no-split-lines

Note we require the -no-split-lines option to save the notebook in a format understood by iocamljs when used without the server. Just ensure the notebook is saved this way before publishing.

Add a new html file to the project my_demo.html with the following contents

layout: iocamljs
notebook_guid: "my_demo.ipynb"
kernel: min

The notebook_guid parameter should point to the newly created notebook. The kernel parameter selects which iocamljs kernel will run. Here min refers to the kernel static/services/kernels/js/kernel.min.js. You can also add new kernels with custom package sets if required.

Finally add the link to the landing page in

* [My demo](my_demo.html)

Send a pull request.